Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Green at Coughlin: What’s really happening?

     Fact: 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away every hour in the U.S.  I wonder how many plastic bottles from Coughlin contribute to this startling fact. I’m sure most of us are aware that we do not have recycling here at Coughlin. The Go Green Club tried their best to get recycling up and running last year. Due to restrictions and ignorance, the plans for setting up recycling in the cafeteria failed. Ignorance, you ask? When the Go Green Club turned to different places asking for help with recycling, they all said they couldn’t help, or that it wasn’t possible. The question is why wasn’t it possible? What’s difficult about recycling? It seemed as though they were lacking knowledge on recycling issues.
It turned out to be a game of pass-the-buck with Go Green’s efforts to get recycling started. This year will most likely be different. The Go Green Club plans on writing a letter and a proposal to the Wilkes-Barre Area School District school board. Hopefully this will kick-start a positive thing for not only Coughlin, but for all of Wilkes-Barre Area, as well. Until the day comes when recycling is a part of Coughlin’s normal routine, there are a few teachers who are doing their part in caring for the environment.
Mr. Trievel has a box in his room (Rm. 65) for recycling paper. He takes the paper and recycles it on his own time. He is an advocate for environmental awareness. He is also supportive of Go Green’s efforts to try and bring recycling into the school.
Mr. Marr is the advisor and the guru of the Go Green Club. He puts all of his effort into going green and teaching his students about going green. He is always more than willing to share the latest news and updates on the environment.
Other teachers such as Mr. Meehan and Mr. Trievel have some sort of recycling option for paper items. Hopefully, the trend will catch on until there is an established recycling system in Coughlin. In the meantime, it’s saddening to see how much plastic, paper, and other items that could be recycled are thrown in the trash every day.  It’s also saddening to see that this doesn’t affect the vast majority of people. It’s baffling to realize that the student body may not be as educated enough as it should be on environmental awareness, how much damage has been caused to the environment, and most importantly, how this affects us and our future.
The next time you walk outside, look around you. Look at the trees, the grass, the sky, and how beautiful it all is. Little by little, more land seems to be disappearing. Little by little, more trash seems to be piling up in the nearby parks. Change starts with you. Conserve our environment to conserve our future. You’ll be glad you did. 

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