Friday, September 24, 2010

I Won't Be Going on Vacation Anywhere Near the Gulf Anytime Soon...

     As most of us know, BP's oil spill started on April 20th, 2010, and it lasted for 80+ days. It destroyed the environment near the Gulf, and it killed many of the animals that lived in the habitat. It was a horrible ordeal. Now, there are reports that people who helped clean up the oil spill are getting sick. I've seen pictures of people touching the CRUDE (unfiltered, harsh) oil with their BARE HANDS. Crude oil is really dangerous to touch. Why would people touch it with bare hands? Is it for "effect" when the picture of it is taken? I don't think any "effect" is worth touching crude oil with bare hands.
     Nevertheless, scientists want to participate in the study of 27,000 people who helped clean up the oil. There were reports that 300 Louisiana workers who helped clean up the spill sought medical attention in the months after the spill. Symptoms included nausea and headaches, which are commonly associated with the exposure of hydrocarbons released by oil.
     Hopefully, this will all be a thing of the past in the nearby future, but until then...I'm not going to the Gulf anytime soon, unless it's environment related.

"Scientists to Study Health Effects of BP Oil Spill" by: Patrick Corcoran

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