Tuesday, November 9, 2010

There Are Other Books Besides the Twilight Saga! Literary Appreciation: Part One

     People all over the world, particularly teenage girls, fall head over heels for Stephanie Meyers' Twilight and the rest of the saga, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. This is all fine and wonderful, but how obsessed are people getting over these fictional characters and the fictional plot line behind it? I've done a little researching, and I wasn't surprised to find that there are websites dedicated to solely, you guessed it, Twilight. For all of you that aren't familiar with the novel, Edward, a vampire, falls in love with Bella, "the mortal" and "the lamb." It's a love story. That's all it is. Is it necessary to obsess and devote your life to something that doesn't exist?
     Some girls have confronted Robert Pattinson (Edward) with their bloody wrists saying, "Drink my blood, Edward!" How disgusting, sick, and twisted is that?! That's taking obsession to a whole different level. Some people have devoted their life to trying to act out Twilight in their everyday lives. One of the websites devoted to the Twilight Saga is http://www.mylifeistwilight.com/. One user, ayla225, says, "I'm sitting in class and the teacher begins to talk about washington i immediatly think of twilight. My friend beside me is tall, pale and thin with amber looking eyes! He brushed up against my skin freezing! I look up "i know what you are." He proceeds to go "say it say it out loud!" Whoa i didnt expect that. MLIT" Welcome to Twilight - obsessed America, everyone!
     For the spite of it, I searched www.mylifeistokillamockingbird.com. I got a message saying that the page could not be found. Out of curiosity, I searched www.mylifeiscandide.com. Guess what I found? Absolutely nothing! Now, I'm certainly not saying that people should devote their life to obsessing over To Kill a Mockingbird or Candide, but is Twilight so significant that people need to treat it as if it was a religion?
     On more of a bias note, I think Twilight is poorly written. I don't think it's anything that remarkable that I would post my love (lust) for Edward Cullen and Jacob on websites. This obsession also scares me. Technically, isn't obsession a psychological call for help? These people need help. Let me say once more that Twilight is FICTIONAL. Edward, Jasper, nor Jacob will become a reality, even if you use "black magic" to bring them to life. Let me put this in the nicest way I can. Remember when you had a crush on some celebrity when you were five years old? Okay. Good. You remember. Now, did that person ever love you back? No. They didn't, did they? None of the characters from Twilight have the ability to love you, because guess what, they are fictional characters in a book! Believing the characters are real, and that they will eventually love you is like believing in Santa Claus. Grow up!
     If you weren't aware, there are other books besides Twilight out there in the market! Who knew, right?! Why can't we all appreciate something that tested optimistic philosophy, like Candide? Why can't we all love a Jane Austen novel? These books are classics for a reason! They actually have meaning! Surprise! The next time your English teacher gives you a novel as an assignment, think before you moan (or don't read). Look into what the novel has to say. Look into the novel's meaning. You'd be surprised at how much you may actually enjoy the novel.
This is what the saga portrays. It's a slap in the face to women everywhere, and it's a slap in the face to literature.


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