Monday, April 11, 2011

The Meaning Behind My Future Tattoo

I'm getting a tattoo in memory of my mom. It will be a dove with a rose in its mouth. The dove symbolizes how important God is in my life and my mom's love for doves. The rose is a reminder of my mom. She prayed to Saint Theresa. Saint Theresa would send you a rose if she granted your prayer. My mom was a strong believer in that, and she absolutely adored roses. The tattoo will be going next to my heart. I figured it would be perfect since God and my mom take up my entire heart. :')

I'm also getting two other tattoos. I'm getting "Let it be" on my hip and "Faith" on my wrist. Faith is what saved me, after all.

I'm so excited to get my first tattoo. Wish me luck!

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